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Professional Goals & Work Standards:

Through her commitment to achieving high-level results, Kat Howard takes every measure to ensure that all of her client’s personal real estate goals are achieved.  In applying her valuable expertise and dedication, she is able to provide her clients with excellent opportunities that exist in the Greater Puget sound real estate market. As a specialist in the Acquisition and Marketing of Residential, Distinctive Luxury Residence, Waterfront, Land and Investment Properties; Kat clearly distinguishes herself with proven results as she caringly helps her clients find their dream home, sell their special residence or secure a strategic investment.

Kat excels at educating and creating value for her clients and is very deliberate, strategic and skillful when advising them. She is very thorough in carefully monitoring the specific trends occurring on the local level and providing her clients with an informed and comprehensive understanding of the current real estate market.  When working with buyers, she carefully takes the time and attention to evaluate and prioritize her client’s goals so that she may skillfully find a residence that they will truly love.  Applying her passion for design and architecture, Kat helps her buyers visualize a home’s potential and advises them on how to enhance the living space by modifying or adding additional key design elements to meet their personal requirements. When working with sellers, she implements effective and resourceful marketing strategies that clearly accentuate each property’s specific features.  Skillfully leveraging their property's visibility, she utilizes professionally produced photography together with a presentation in print and on multiple internet sites.  Whether it’s doing diligence on issues sited in the title report or conducting further research to disclose all facts that may affect or influence a property; Kat is extremely diligent in seeing that her clients’ needs are thoroughly attended to.

Kat’s valued counsel, trusted perspective and skillfulness extend to every aspect of her service throughout the transaction.  She is very thorough in providing constant communication about each important detail of the transaction and is always extremely attentive, accessible and responds promptly to her clients. Her attention to detail, consistent follow through and determination to indulge her clients with first class service sets her apart.  Kat is truly a highly dedicated professional who through her informed and insightful expertise provides an unprecedented depth of real estate representation.

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Gardening (landscaping with perennials/water gardens), long walks (with Bella), hiking, golf, home-remodeling and exploring our beautiful state!


Environmental Toxicology (emphasis on how pollutants affect wildlife) BS from U.C. Davis. Conducted Phase I Environmental Site Assessments on commercial/Industrial properties usually as part of a real estate transaction.